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Transgender Burns To Death Live On Facebook


25 years old Monalisa, from Iasi, Romania, died of carbon monoxide intoxication on Christmas Day, after falling asleep with a candle in bed, while on Facebook Live. The candle was knocked down by the cat, which in result started a fire. The 25 years old is seen to be agitated at first, even seemingly waking up for a brief moment, but inexplicably falls back asleep, engulfed in flames. Multiple people who watched the live notified the authorities, but they couldn’t give out the address where the incident was happening. Couple of hours later, firefighters arrived on the scene, but both Monalisa and the cat where dead, the cause of death being carbon monoxide intoxication.

Video is potato quality. I do believe a better version exists but this is all I could find atm

  1. GOODTRAINNIG 29 December 2022 13:03
    The cat decided to burn the abomination...
    good cat.
  2. fuckeduuuuup 5 January 2023 02:24
    A little bit of Christmas magic
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