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Man End His Life For A Woman

  1. maveco 18 November 2021 19:37
    brazil. stupid thing,poor boy
  2. The Bachelor 27 November 2021 05:45
    Like she cares that he killed himself. All these women are shallow beings with very little real intelligence. Don't EVER end your life for some woman.
    1. Richard Gozinia 20 December 2021 22:36
      I agree. I almost did but I stopped myself because i spent 10 years with her.... a long time...... and wanted a future
  3. Your daddy 8 February 2022 05:08
    What a pussy!, she was hot tho.
  4. Fetid01 10 February 2022 20:22
    Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all......
    Murder suicide would have been MUCH better especially if he recorded it.....
  5. Kayawtech 19 February 2022 06:24
    ok...congratulations you are a fucking pussy! we could tell by the way you have spacers in your ears
  6. bomb 14 July 2022 07:59
    You can hear a dog but all he really cares about is some dumb girl that did world common relationship shams. If he loved his pet dog then he would not commit the sue and leave his dog behind all over a dumb woman
  7. Thisisbutter 15 July 2022 07:24
    I'm thinking he killed himself over his gay lover - the chick with a dick.
  8. Kevin 24 September 2023 00:25
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