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Indian Student Hanged Himself Live On Facebook

‘Be well everyone, I’ll be well on the other side’
27 March, 2023- Natore, Bangladesh: A student of Gurdaspur, Natore, committed suicide with such an emotional post on his Facebook page: ‘Everyone be safe, I will be safe on the other side’.
His name is Md. R.A..
Son of H.A. of Kachikata village of Gurdaspur upazila. He was an SSC candidate of Kachikata School and College.
On Sunday (March 26) R. committed suicide by going live on Facebook at 1 am.
A lot of excitement has been created in the area about his suicide.
The reason why R. chose to commit suicide is not known. Several attempts were made to contact the relatives and local public representatives to confirm the matter, but no one was found.
Gurdaspur Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Abdul Mateen said that he is not aware of any information about the incident.
He told BanglaNews, I am not sure about this yet. No one said anything about it. However, if the school student’s suicide is true, necessary measures will be taken to find out the cause.
On Monday (March 27) at 4 am, a live broadcast of the suicide was shown on local online Chalanbil TV. It can be seen that the student committed suicide by tying a rope to the wall of the room and climbing on the chair. No one was around at that time. After 9 minutes of the suicide incident, the relatives broke the door of the house and found R.’s hanging body.
At this time, people rushed to their cries and shouts and the surrounding atmosphere became heavy.
Presenter of Chalonbil TV Nazmul Hasan Nahid while describing the issue of suicide said that when the student came to Facebook at around 1 am and was preparing for suicide, many well-wishers and friends noticed and requested him not to commit suicide. Many have also written comments. But it didn’t work. No one noticed because the family members were also sleeping at that time.
Meanwhile, there are two more statuses on R.’s Facebook page. 5 hours before suicide he wrote – ‘Death is the last arrangement and the last address! I know when death will come and say, let’s go now. If you are alive, you will be condemned, if you are wrapped in white clothes, there is no lack of loving people. When time stops, the tour will end! Friends and relatives will say goodbye, the other party will welcome. ‘
He wrote to his father – ‘Sorry father, how much trouble I have caused you, maybe you had many dreams about me. ‘
He's still breathing or trying to breathe, all the way up until they find him at the end of the video. Over 5 minutes...

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