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Dude Shot Himself After Breaking Up With His Girlfriend

Who fell into depression after breaking up with his girlfriend Neslihan Yılmaz in the Safran village of Yalova, committed suicide in a live broadcast on the social networking site Facebook.
According to the information received, Oğuzhan Kaloğlu, who fell into depression after his girlfriend named Neslihan Yılmaz, whom he had been with for a year, left him, took his father's pump gun in their house in the Safran village of Yalova and went to his room. Starting a live broadcast from a social networking site here, the young man put the shotgun to his chest and pulled the trigger after a while. The youth shrieked and fell to the ground. Hearing the sound, his parents entered the room and found their son lying on the floor covered in blood. The young man, who was taken to Private Atakent Hospital by ambulance, could not be saved despite the interventions.
Oğuzhan Kaloğlu's last words -  
Our love is over, so I keep my word and I'm done, I'm not you, goodbye, goodbye NESLIHAN KALOGLU God bless you all

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