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Dude Committed Suicide By Jumping Off A Bridge. Mexico

April 29, 2023
A person decided to put an end to his existence , because in an inexplicable way he crossed the brandal on the El Lagartero bridge in this city to throw himself into the void, in an event that was witnessed by locals from the area.
Neighbors in the area reported that the young suicide bomber had recently left a hotel near where the events occurred, where he was apparently under the influence of some substance. It should be noted that some citizens tried to talk to him before he launched, trying to convince him to reconsider, while they reported the fact to the authorities, requesting the immediate presence of the emergency services.
However, the citizens were barely able to start a conversation with the person, because in a matter of minutes the talk ended and he did not think about it anymore, so he ended up throwing himself from the top of the bridge. Municipal Police and Civil Protection personnel arrived at the scene, where people regretted what had happened, indicating that the subject was already under the bridge.
The security agents and emergency personnel then proceeded to descend, finding the lifeless body of said person, proceeding to cordon off the area pending the presence of the competent authorities. Expert services arrived at the site to remove the body for transfer to the coroner, where it is expected that the investigations will be expanded in order to find the identity of the deceased person and clarify this fact

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