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Woman Found Hanged At Railway Station

Police confirmed the discovery of the body of a woman who was found hanging near a Light Transit Line 3 (LRT3) station near Taman Sri Andalas here, yesterday.

South Klang District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Cha Hoong Fong said, the body was found fully covered by a security guard who called the MERS 999 emergency line.

According to him, the body was found when the 55-year-old worker was doing a security patrol before finding the whole body hanging.

"The result of the investigation found that while the witness who is a security guard at the LRT3 station, was patrolling the area, he found a woman hanging on the footpath.

"The ambulance arrived at the scene and confirmed the death. The investigation at the scene also found that S. used a scarf to tie her neck and hung herself from the iron of the pedestrian roof," he told reporters today.

He added that the police investigation into the woman's identity found that it was a 47-year-old local woman and a homeless person who had no place to live and no permanent job.

He also said that the discovery of the body was also found to have no connection with any criminal act and the victim's death was classified as sudden death.

"The victim is a homeless person who lives at the station. Her body was then taken to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital (HTAR).

"An autopsy was conducted at the hospital and forensic medical officers confirmed the cause of death was hanging and there were no other injuries," he explained.

Earlier, people were shocked when a body was found hanging from a structure believed to be an LRT3 station that was not yet operational.

The incident attracted the attention of local residents who left for work at about 7.30am on the day of the incident when they claimed that there was an ambulance and police control near the main road near the station


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