UncensoredVideos » War » Ukrainian Nationalists Shoot Russian Prisoners Of War In The Legs

Ukrainian Nationalists Shoot Russian Prisoners Of War In The Legs

  1. TheMummy 19 June 2022 12:38
    This must be dealt with with all cowardly occupiers! You must know that the Ukrainians do not want you, and they hate you because you are only tools in the hands of the cowardly dwarf Putin.
    1. Intruth 6 September 2022 09:16
      Then the same thing should be done to you after all you're just a tool for society
      1. RathalosZ 5 November 2022 06:21
        He's a tool for rehabilitayed pukeraine nazism in service of psi ops.
    2. RathalosZ 5 November 2022 06:17
      If pukie swine "don't want" - how come pukeraine commanders say they fought Russia for 8 years?)
      Cheap p-ukie nazi propaganda.
  2. Skinhead1983 19 July 2022 04:29
    1. RathalosZ 5 November 2022 06:16
      They are typical skakuas scum of pukeraine, exact reason why spec mill op was started.
  3. Mondolife 17 September 2022 22:12
    lol better than let them stay in the fight. Maybe one on the head would have been more effective?
    1. RathalosZ 5 November 2022 06:15
      Just don't cry too much if the Vagners/SSO catch you or any other pukie swine.
  4. RathalosZ 5 November 2022 06:20
    These swine abortus pukeraine scum are dog food, by now.

    And, of course, this is a jeneba convention direct violation.
    Hope these pukreaine pork entrails didn't squeal too hard when the Russian merchs gutted them.
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