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Ukrainian Nationalists Cut The Throats Of Captured Russian Soldiers From The Crew Of An Infantry Fighting Vehicle

68 005
more screenshots
still alive soldier shot in the head

Category: War
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  1. Mondolife
    Mondolife 17 September 2022 22:05
    Jeeze how many times do they have to shoot that Russian rat before it dies? These ruskies are some die-hard motherfuckers! lmao
    1. RathalosZ
      RathalosZ 4 November 2022 09:38
      Hard, yes.
      Rat, no f-ing way.
      Napoleon+Hitlel dissagree.)
  2. RathalosZ
    RathalosZ 4 November 2022 09:39
    Ah, more "mostly" pewwsfull pukeraine scum, to be hunted down by Vagner group.
    Do these piggies really believe this will stop a superpower, that gutted ISIS in Syria+?
    Pathetic, deranged scakuas swine bastards.