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Destroyed Detachment Of Ukrainian Nazis

  1. TheMummy 19 June 2022 11:40
    You are the sheep in the hands of the dwarf Putin, you should know that the Ukrainians are fighting to liberate their country from the disease of the Russian government, a disease similar to cancer!
    1. RathalosZ 5 November 2022 05:25
      That's cute, piggy.
      Now go send xep-ois some sunlotion so they don't get deep fried for poroshenkos war/ATO, and fairytale-2014.
  2. JIGSTA 4 August 2022 18:04
    Fuck Putin & the FAKE & FALSE narrative of Ukranian "Nazis"!! I have personally seen hundreds of videos of Nazi skinheads killing people eg. Homeless people & immigrants in Russia!!
    1. RathalosZ 5 November 2022 05:27
      And tf does that have to do with Putin?
      Murica has the same nazi degenerates/anarchysts with hitler flags in their yard, and children used as living shields against cops.
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