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The Khokhlys Kill Wounded Russian Soldiers

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Category: War
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  1. Ex-Marine
    Ex-Marine 31 October 2022 08:23
    Putin will win this war anyways
    1. Dali
      Dali 8 January 2023 12:30
      I wish your words come true soon. All Nazi khokhly to hell!
  2. RathalosZ
    RathalosZ 4 November 2022 08:52
    More like skakuas cunts are skull*ing the geneba conventions, while squealing about being "eu finest". Cheap, sensless barbarism from deranged pukeraine swine.
    1. Dali
      Dali 8 January 2023 12:32
      I read the comments here - you are smart people and understand everything! Why are your governments such bastards?! Why do they give guns for khokhlys?