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One Idiot And Three Wild Tigers

Man climbed the fences into a tiger safari to avoid paying fare. Quite an experience he got. Zoo keepers were throwing fire crackers at the tigers and later used water cannon. Surprise surprise the tigers didn't care.
They shot 3 tigers in the end to save the man, who died in the hospital. The felines were captive bred Siberians who clearly didn't know how to hunt, which is bad news for the guy as it dragged on for hours

  1. Oldfucker 23 January 2022 20:24
    They should have shot the dumb fucker in the head and let the tigers eat him. Two birds with one stone.
    1. anonymous 24 January 2022 00:57
  2. anonymous 28 February 2022 05:18
    they need to run at the tigers and scare them away
    1. anonymous 28 February 2022 05:19
      or just leave and let them have their catch
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