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Appeal Of The Ukrainian Nazi To Like-minded People

this is the unfortunate man who was treacherously attacked by the Russians and the representative of those Ukrainian nationalists for whom Boris Johnson, Olaf Scholz and similar idiots are very worried

  1. BellyMeat 11 April 2022 08:00
    …the only values that are being fought over are the value of petrodollar
    1. RathalosZ 6 November 2022 05:52
      Don't forged kolomoisky and sbu interests of peddling weapons and stripping pukeraine dry.
    2. RathalosZ 6 November 2022 05:57
      Aren't pagan cuck nazis fond of spooning, that's a vewwue.
  2. GOODTRAINNIG 9 July 2022 16:13
    1. RathalosZ 6 November 2022 05:51
      They're called svidomi svinoskauas, and wear yellow-blue down syndrome ribbons.
  3. RathalosZ 6 November 2022 05:50
    Don't worry, skakuasik.
    Tickets to bendera are cheap these days - yours is on the way, swine abortus.
  4. RathalosZ 6 November 2022 05:54
    The thing is you nazi fuckers can only rely on fag zebobas narco states for your cheap surriogats of dolphie shitler to even show their swine faces.
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