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Chinese Ethics Lesson

  1. BellyMeat 8 June 2022 21:15
    …THATS the reason that only negroes can stand Chinky women for more than one night; they are just as miserable and bitchy and are cunts exactly like negro women
    1. Ex-Marine 9 June 2022 13:54
      Nobody buying those lies bro, you really just attack there skin color just to be racist you don't attack their character because you might have some of their occupancy
  2. Humongous 11 June 2022 06:40
    Lucky that shit steel was made in china and shattered every tym she waved it.
  3. Thisisbutter 20 June 2022 21:02
    I predict within four years she will have her face caved in by you know who...
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