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Crazy Woman Pushed A Man Under An Approaching Train

 These shocking events occurred on July 3 at the Hokarangens metro station in southern Stockholm. The perpetrator of the whole situation has been arrested and is suspected of an attempted murder. On the afternoon of July 3, Stockholm police were called to the platform of the Hokarangens metro station. Moments earlier, the man was pushed there onto the railroad tracks by an unknown woman.
According to preliminary information, the behavior of the woman was unprovoked. The investigation will show what happened – said police officer Per Fahlstrom. As a result of the fall, the man suffered bodily injuries.
Detailed information about his health was not provided.
Craziest part is she actually just sat down on a bench right after as if she did nothing wrong

  1. Batman 4 November 2022 14:55
    Dumbas bitch that better be a nigga falling into that track.
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