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A Man Hit By A Car By His Mother And Father's Assailant

The incident occurred last Monday in the neighborhood of Villa Maipu, San Martin district. A security camera recorded the moment in which the victim’s son rammed the suspect.
An 80-year-old man was attacked by two armed criminals while he was throwing garbage. Thieves aged 16 and 21 entered his house, searched everything and took valuables. 
The victim (an 80-year-old man) and his wife were handcuffed while two robbers searched the house. Mobile phones were taken away from him, clothes, jewelry and other valuables were taken away.
In the midst of the robbery, the victims' son arrived at the scene in his truck. Faced with this situation and receiving threats, he returned to his car and chased the criminals for 400 meters until he ran over a 21-year-old teenager.
The adult criminal remains in custody for these hours because he has a criminal record, but the 16-year-old was released after a few hours

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    WTG…hope your folks are okay
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