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Mass Brawl During A Concert

  1. GOODTRAINNIG 31 July 2022 14:52
    trashy trashy human beings..can anyone explain to me, why poor and dirty go hand in hand??!?!

    or is it inelegance and cleanliness that are more correlated
  2. giverofthechooch 31 July 2022 16:58
    low vibration repetitive music appeals to same type of people.
  3. markferrino 31 July 2022 22:56
    not so much 3rd world as 33rd world
  4. Slicko53 1 August 2022 06:17
    Need more cigs to pass out to everyone lol
  5. heirofislam 3 August 2022 11:44
    Well at least they are not Fake women or gays from West :)
    1. BellyMeat 10 August 2022 17:13
      Allah was a faggot; he sucked many a cock in Mecca. He liked to be fucked in the ass by donkeys…..so think that over when you stick your smelly ass in the air 5X every day..the favorite position of the homosexual Allah
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