UncensoredVideos » WTF » A Huge Mob Is Robbing 7-Eleven In Los Angeles

A Huge Mob Is Robbing 7-Eleven In Los Angeles

    Newly released video shared by the Los Angeles Police Department shows a giant flash mob looting a 7-Eleven after holding a "street takeover" and "doing donuts" in the middle of an intersection. 
    Chaos and destruction at a Los Angeles 7-Eleven vandalized and ransacked by looters after a street takeover. One man even tries to steal a cash register

  1. Thisisbutter 20 August 2022 21:14
    Should toss a few molotov cocktails in there and barricade the door with a truck
  2. BellyMeat 27 August 2022 21:21
    This is why BLACK LIVES MATTER…..you better not count on white guilt forever, remember blacks are not even the largest minority in America anymore; with only being 13.7% of population events like this only makes it hard
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