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A Fight With A National Police Agent Resulted In Two Dead Bodies

Two youths fell and two were seriously injured by gunshots in a confusing incident that originated inside a thatched roof located on Máximo Gómez Street in the community of Boca Canasta in the municipality of Baní, Dominican Republic. According to the information obtained so far, it was produced by a minor and an agent of the National Police of Nickname E.
The versions indicate that after the fight with the police, the minor went to look for his father and said that E would have attacked him with a firearm and immediately his father appeared at the grocery store with several relatives and without saying a word they beat him several times and bottled the bottle to the officer, who in the middle of the fight started shooting to get rid of the people. One of the dead was not at the scene, but was injured when he was sitting in front of his girlfriend's house located a few meters from the place where the incident took place and was hit by a stray bullet. He arrived dead at the Regional Medical Center Dr. Aguavivas.
The young man answered by the name of J M R S, 23 years old, resident of Rivera del Sur. Coroner Walter López said the deceased had a gunshot wound to the lower chest with a dead-end entry hole. Meanwhile, the second deceased also arrived without vital signs at the Irmie clinic and responded by the name of W A P, 37 years old, who resided in Boston, Massachusetts. W body shows two gunshot wounds with entry and exit wounds. Both bodies were sent to the Azua Regional Institute of Forensic Sciences for the corresponding effects.
The two unidentified injured were taken to the emergency room at the Irmie clinic where they underwent emergency surgery, so they are now in the intensive care unit in a reserved state of health. The Public Ministry and the Department of Criminal Investigations and Crimes (Dicrim) are investigating the recordings of the security cameras and the evidence of the fact

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