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A 15-year-old Boy Was Pushed Under The Train Because Of A Hoodie

The two minors who yesterday pushed a 15-year-old boy under a moving train to take away his sweatshirt at the Seregno station (Monza) were arrested. The measure was carried out by the agents of the Monza Police Headquarters with colleagues from the Railway Police Section, the kids are accused of attempted murder and attempted robbery. The detention was ordered by the prosecutor for minors of Milan, who conducted and directed the investigations at the police station.
The two young men were taken by the police to the Turin CPA. The episode took place yesterday, a near tragedy. The 15-year-old was with a friend and was returning home from school when he was surrounded in front of the tracks by a group of peers: "Take off the sweatshirt and give it to us" , they ordered him. The boy refused, then the insults and the actual aggression.
One of the bullies lunged at the teenager and pushed him hard, causing him to crash into a moving train . The vehicle failed to stop in time, the boy was hooked, perhaps by his rucksack or clothes, and dragged for a few metres, ending up between the platform and the rails. Only then was the train conductor able to brake.
And it is almost a miracle that the 15-year-old did not end up under the convoy, the young man was injured but his life is not in danger: he is in hospital with a head injury and numerous bruises

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