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Camel Killed Guard At Hunter Base. Russia

In the village of Priozerka, Omsk region, a camel attacked the guard of a hunting base.
A video has surfaced online showing a guard punching a camel in the face, after which the camel attacked and bit him to death

  1. NATEHIGGERS69 31 January 2023 21:48
    The camel out for blood Putin is next
  2. GOODTRAINNIG 1 February 2023 02:05
    That's what it looks like when meekness gives way to action....imho
  3. LeopardsSpots 1 February 2023 18:31
    I am good with this outcome. I hope they didn't kill the camel. Human asked for what he got.
  4. ... 8 February 2023 10:15
    he ate his face. camels in the snow? who would thought
  5. BellyMeat 8 February 2023 19:53
    …damn, Russians cant even beat camels
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