UncensoredVideos » WTF » 28 Year Old Prostitute Gladys Yvette Borcela Aka Gigi Is Shot Dead In A Car By Her Girlfriend/Colleague

28 Year Old Prostitute Gladys Yvette Borcela Aka Gigi Is Shot Dead In A Car By Her Girlfriend/Colleague

Introducing Gladys Yvette Borcela aka Gigi, a 28 year old Stipper, Instagram/Onlyfans model, Escort aka online prostitute.
On July 23rd according to some stories she was invited by a female friend to hang out in Miami that night. Allegedly the confrontation started because Gigi was drinking and being an "attention whore" and was getting more attention from the men than the other girls. So an argument broke out in the car where Natalia Harrell the alleged (friend/foe/stranger?) pulled out a firearm shooting Gigi once in here abdomen leaving her for dead.
It seems that on the night that she was killed, she and two other girls were acting as escorts for three men vacationing, that being two younger men and what looks to be a sugar daddy with hoochie Daddy shorts. Too bad everyone left her in there dying rendering no aid to her. Some sources say that Natalia was her friend, some say that they were strangers, I doubt it, both girl are strippers and have onlyfans, I doubt that they didn't know each other.
Here's a new article.
My honest opinion is that based on her social media Gigi didn't seem like a good person, just look at her facebook post in the pics below. She seemed like a beautiful narcissistic asshole who had a bad temper. Now her bad decisions has led her the grave where her beauty rots away.
It's really sad how young mothers these days, Gigi as an example, Instead of being at home with her three children she wanted to party and have fun, this time it costed forfeited her life.
Some of the picture's and videos are from her onlyfans page. I'm almost certain that those men were customers ready to get laid


  1. ... 26 February 2023 10:07
    well played
  2. fuckeduuuuup 27 February 2023 06:05
    Kinda hard to see what happened tbh, but i think girl at fron shot the one at the back using a gun attached to her purse. Bitches cray
  3. Thisisbutter 2 March 2023 01:00
    What's that smell?!
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