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Store Clerk Set Himself On Fire At Work

The seller of a hardware store set himself on fire to expel a former colleague Aleksey was finishing his working day when a drunken Arseniy appeared in the supermarket. As a seasoned man, he began to rage and made a conflict. Lech delivered an ultimatum: either the drunkard leaves, or he sets himself on fire. Arseniy considered that they were taking him poorly and agreed to see the self-immolation. But everything happened so quickly that the astonished man did not understand anything. Alexei was urgently hospitalized with 80% burns, but the poor fellow died without regaining consciousness

  1. fuckeduuuuup 1 March 2023 22:00
    That's some retarded shit
  2. Thisisbutter 4 March 2023 06:43
    That'll done teach ya'll!
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