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Crazy Bastard Attacked With A Knife A Man Standing In Front Of His Car /upd/

China's economic recession has led to various horrific murders. The wife and son of the owner of a textile factory in Nantong, Jiangsu province, were murdered, rumoured to be over an unpaid salary of RMB3,000 (around $425).
According to a surveillance video posted online, at around 8pm BST on 31 May, a man in white walked out of the front door of a factory and stood on the street smoking, before a man in black walked quickly and stabbed the man in white to the ground in a flurry, spilling blood all over the floor.
The knife-wielding man then walked into the plant, causing a commotion and it is suspected that someone was also stabbed inside the plant. A few moments later, the knife-wielding man left the premises. At one point after the man entered the premises, a boy came out of the room in panic, but the man with the knife ignored the boy.
According to media reports, the victims were a mother and son from Henan province - the son was aged either 25 or 26. The motive was reported by locals to be due to unpaid wages. The murderer, a labourer from Guizhou, was owed RMB3,000 by the factory and had been unsuccessful in recovering it.
The owner of the factory, the husband of the woman who was killed, was also rumoured to have been stabbed several times, but not fatally. It is also rumoured that he was out at the time and therefore escaped death.
As of the afternoon of June 1, the local public security authorities had not issued a police report and the circumstances of the case were unconfirmed

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    All Chinese are stupids
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    vicious man, this has to be about drugs or something
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