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Dude Accidentally Shot His Friend At A Funeral. Ecuador

The events occurred while the victim was sitting in a chair, during a friend's wake. K.S. was mourning the death of his friend when a bullet he received in the chest killed him.
The police reported that the homicide occurred on the night of Thursday, July 6, 2023. This happened in the 2 de Agosto neighborhood of the Eloy Alfaro parish, in the Manta canton. The 28-year-old man was meeting with other people at Byron Gutiérrez's house, who at six in the afternoon had been killed by hitmen. In the house they cried, and at that moment one of the assistants pulled out a gun and tried to shoot in the air. When he wielded the gun, a shot escaped him, says a police report.
The shot hit K.S. in the chest, who fell to the floor as a result of the impact. At that time, the people who were on the site transferred the injured man to the Daniel Acosta subcenter in Cuba to try to save his life. However, the doctors at the health center couldn't do anything for the man because he was dead. The police reported that the victim had a single bullet impact in the chest, near the heart.
The authorities arrived at the scene and ordered the removal of the body and its transfer to the Forensic Center to perform the autopsy. The deceased leaves two children in the orphanage

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    what a dumbass cocky friend. shouldve just mourned without that stupid gun.
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