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A Car That Violated Traffic Rules Killed A Motorcyclist

This Friday morning, around 5:30 am, the Military Police recorded another traffic accident with a fatal victim on Avenida Maringá and T-14. The garrison, as determined by the operations center, moved to Rua Maringá, corner of Avenida Maringá and T-14, where a collision involving a Fazer motorcycle and an S10 pickup truck resulted in the tragic death of Mr. Luiz Felipe Marques Oliveira Siewerdt.

Upon arriving at the scene, the veracity of the facts was verified, and the fire department unit confirmed the absence of vital signs of Luiz Felipe Marques Oliveira Siewerdt. The driver of the truck reported that he was traveling on Maringá Street, towards T-20 Street, when at the intersection with T-14, he was surprised by the motorcycle driver, who was on T-14, towards Curitiba Street. Unfortunately, the collision was unavoidable, resulting in the fatality.

Technical expertise was on site carrying out standard procedures and later released the body to the funeral home. It was found that the driver of the motorcycle did not have a driver's license. The victim's vehicle was delivered to Unisp.

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