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The Woman Drowned Wanting To Swim In The Hole. Russia

A 40-year-old Petersburger with her husband and children, as well as with a friend, after visiting the bathhouse, went to the Oredezh River to take Epiphany bathing in an unequipped hole.
Having crossed herself, the woman "bombed" into the gap in the form of a cross and did not surface. It all happened in front of the stunned loved ones.
Divers were called in to search for the body. They spent several hours in the water, but the deceased was never found. It is almost impossible to find it before the ice melts, the river is treacherous and fast

  1. Oldfucker 28 February 2022 18:24
    God didn't like that cross. It came from a dirty Russian whore.

    I bet the husband uploaded it for 50 rubles.
  2. People Die Everyday B 10 May 2022 00:21
    Like why people think this shit smart
  3. BellyMeat 3 September 2022 00:51
    Well, you can’t really blame these Russians, they spend a third of their life sleeping and two-thirds drinking or drunk
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