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Protestors Attack Man in Vehicle, Driver Shoots and Kills Man

Taken from Facebook:

TW: homicide
this was part 2 of Portland solidarity march...
My footage sucks& yes I was unable to control my emotions, on July 25th, a man drove into the crowd and what physically made the group come towards the car was the sound of it pushing people out of the way.
As people filming ran to get the license# he rolled down his window and began firing at least 5 rounds 3 of which ended an amazing mans life. Police showed up on scene & were uncertain how to proceed & refused to help people who were trying to help Garrett’s fiancé
If you’re going to comment on this:
My community just watched one of my friends get murdered. Can you please go do anything else? I am literally so sad and hurt from watching the videos that I& my friends recorded and wishing I had done better. I watched the man in the cars gun go off, but “of course” you know more than me as someone who sits at home & is ugly on the internet all day.
The victims family deserves justice. He was a kind man who made the community safe& his family deserves justice.
Rest in power Garrett Foster

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  1. pro police 24 April 2021 10:59
    long live police
    1. Beau True 24 October 2021 21:19
      Heartwarming Video. I HATE Blue ISIS as Much as I HATE commies. You TOO will have a bullseye painted on your back when Civil War Comes and it WILL!!! Praise God!!!
  2. duh 4 May 2021 09:00
    how you people expect not to end up dealing with few crazies doing shit like this is beyond me. you protesters dont exactly give a good and peaceful name to yourselves either.
  3. Anonymous 25 September 2021 02:59
    That's what you get for participating in the fall of Portland and a bunch of other areas ,,fuck cops till you faggots start getting turned into roadkill. Haha
  4. Beau True 24 October 2021 21:18
    I hope more of you COMMIE Terrorists get MUCH MUCH worse. When Civil War Comes, and It WILL... You ALL have targets painted on your COMMUNIST GOD HATING AMERICA DESTROYING BACK!!!
  5. Gaping Hole 3 December 2021 09:43
    Should have got the fuck out the way. RT
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