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A Broken Disc Ruptured A Worker's Throat

In the images recorded by residents, it shows the boy dying while seeing his blood leaving without being able to do anything to stop it. Police officers who passed by the place try to help him but it is in vain, in addition to external bleeding, there was also internal bleeding, causing the boy to drown with his own blood.
The flow of blood was such that the man was choking trying to stop it. He had an agonizing death, leaving many people sad as they tried to help but could not due to the severity of the cut. The help was called, but when it arrived the man was already lifeless.
The technical police will investigate how the work accident took place, which resulted in the death of the worker

  1. markferrino 20 August 2022 19:20
    Yikes that looks unpleasant
  2. dangerraisen 14 September 2022 10:03
    PPE optional
  3. GOODTRAINNIG 9 October 2022 12:46
    Great training.. safety is no accident.
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