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Farmer Electrocuted While Repairing Transformer. Aftermath

A farmer who died of electrocution by changing fuses to an electric transformer At Kavali, Nellore District.
Negligence of electricity officials took the life of a farmer. A farmer named M.M. was electrocuted to death in Ramachandrapuram village of Tallapalem Panchayat in Kavali Rural Mandal of Nellore District. In the morning, when the motor was put to water the field, it did not turn on. There is no electricity after checking. I went to the transformer near the transformer and saw that the fuse was burnt. So he took out the burnt fuse, wrapped the wire around it and climbed up the transformer to put the fuse again. At the same time, the farmer died on the spot due to power supply. Generally any repair related to transformer should be done by the electricity department personnel. However, due to the failure of the staff to respond in time, there have been incidents in many places where farmers have lost their lives while changing the fuses

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