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Popular Blogger Niko Lost His Arm In An Accident

His fellow passenger was reported to have died
The incident was caught on Heydar Aliyev street.
N. Shakirli hit the truck with his "Porsche". As a result of the accident, the blogger and the passenger of the car were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.
DYP chief inspector Araz Askerli said one person died and one person was seriously injured in the accident.
In addition, a policeman who was directing traffic on the road was also hit by a car at the time of the incident, and was injured in the leg.
According to information provided by the TABIB, the injured - 29-year-old Nijat Shakirli with an amputation of the elbow of the right upper leg, and 23-year-old Fakhri Rustamov with a cut in the right hand - were evacuated to a medical institution under the HEALTHCARE. At this time, they are provided with the necessary medical care. As a result of the accident, one death was registered in the presence of doctors.

The person who died in the accident caused by "Nikosayagi" was the son of a businessman
 The identity of the person who died in a traffic accident caused by blogger Nijat Shakirli, known as "Nikosayagi" on social networks, has been revealed.
The Ganja resident who died in the accident was Mammadov Ruslan Sahin, born in 1995.
It should be noted that he is the son of Shahin Mammadov, the owner of the marriage palace and leisure center "Imperial" in Ganja.



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