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A 21-Year-Old Motorcyclist Was Killed And His Companion Was Injured. Mexico

Querétaro City

A young couple traveling on a Pulsar motorcycle were hit by a cargo truck. The events occurred this morning on 5 de Febrero Avenue in front of Tremec, in the Benito Juárez industrial zone.

The young 21-year-old driver of the motorcycle died as a result of the accident, while his companion, a woman of the same age, survived but suffered injuries that required transport to the hospital.
Witnesses reported that the motorcycle crew were traveling towards Mexico City on central lanes when the accident occurred.

Apparently the motorcyclist tried to pass the dump truck that was going in the same direction on the right, however, during the pass the motorcyclist lost control when passing through a muddy area and skidded, falling between the tires of the heavy unit.

The truck driver was unable to observe when the accident occurred and ended up dragging and running over the young man who was driving the motorcycle.

Paramedics from the Mexican Red Cross, CRUM and Civil Protection were alerted to the events and upon arriving at the scene of the accident they only confirmed that the man no longer had vital signs.
The young woman who accompanied him was injured so it was necessary to transfer her to a hospital to receive medical attention. She had blows to various parts of her body and fractures.

The driver of the truck was placed at the disposal of the ministerial authorities and was referred to the Prosecutor's Office to determine responsibilities.

Relatives of the injured young people also arrived at the scene of the incident and expressed regret for what had happened. State police became aware and cordoned off the area to facilitate the investigation and removal of the body

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