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Savave Pickaxe Execution In Brazil

  1. vampchamp 1 July 2021 22:14
    i am a dracula but i still won't drink this shit, stay safe all of u(if u can)
    1. Fetid01 6 April 2022 17:14
      Theres no fun in doing that. Live fast, die young.....
      1. RathalosZ 5 November 2022 09:08
        Live like a hippie rat, die like a dumb rat?)
    2. Batman 4 November 2022 16:59
      Nigga nobody go back to fucking raping your mother dumb ass bitch
  2. Fetid01 6 April 2022 17:12
    Very interesting way to die....
  3. RathalosZ 5 November 2022 09:11
    Sick ghetto scum.
    Hurry up and get shot bu BOPE like the sewer rats that you are, favella scum
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