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Seven Police Officers Shot In Colombia

Seven police officers have been killed yesterday in Colombia. The uniformed men were attacked with explosives and rifle bursts in an ambush, according to local media reports. The attack occurred around 2:30 p.m., when a device was activated as a police vehicle passed by, leaving seven dead at the moment.
The president, Gustavo Petro, rejected the crime and announced an investigation. "These events express a clear sabotage of total peace,". The president traveled to the area, where he set up a unified command post with the military and police leadership, his defense minister, and local authorities.
This year more than 30 policemen have been assassinated throughout the country. The authorities have indicated a plan behind these crimes, which target young police officers, patrolmen and women.
This Friday has been the worst attack against the institution under the new government, which began its term on August 7, with the difficult challenge of curbing violence in Colombia.
The Prosecutor's Office has announced that a team of experts and criminalists are traveling to the area where the crime occurred.
Several hours after the attack, the bodies of the uniformed men were still lying on the road. “We reject the vile murder against our soldiers. We send a message of solidarity to his family and we have our capabilities to find the whereabouts of those responsible, "said the commander of the Armed Forces in a statement.

  1. Mondolife 17 September 2022 23:33
    Ambush. They should have had at least two trucks and better sitrep
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