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Cops Arrest Man Who Shot At Patrol Car

On Oct. 27, Phoenix police say 38-year-old Harry Denman walked toward a patrol car in a convenience store parking lot near 59th Avenue and Buckeye Road and started talking to the officers. Police say the officers told Denman they had to leave to respond to another call and started backing out of the spot when Denman pulled out a gun and shot at them. Police say one bullet hit the ground, and a second bullet hit the patrol car’s spotlight and went into the driver’s side of the vehicle.
According to police, Denman ran into the convenience store, and officers followed him inside, where they got into a fight before arresting him. The video below shows the officers fighting with Denman inside the store before taking him into custody

  1. Ex-Marine 3 November 2022 15:50
    At the end both cops are on leave, just another racist cops and power trip, we'll start killing this cops soon and Thier family's lol
  2. ... 4 November 2022 05:08
    if somebody shoot at you, its normal to loose manners
  3. Ascent 6 November 2022 22:42
    @Ex-Marine You're braindead as fuck, homie. Try typing that comment out again and make it make sense this time.
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