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Salt Lake City Police Shoot A Man Sleeping In His Own Bed

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Officers received a call from a person from the Huntsman Institute of Mental Health's mobile crisis group asking for help in caring for a patient identified as George Gulla, 37.
Two SLCPD officers escorted MCOT employees and Gulla's relative to the garage of a private house. One of the ICOT employees explained to one of the officers that Gulla was using drugs.After a few minutes of conversation , Gulla sits on the mattress and suddenly rushes to the foot of the bed . One of the mental health specialists reacts and runs away.
While this was happening, both officers fired several shots, hitting Gulla. Gulla currently remains in a local hospital and is expected to survive. Criminal charges are pending

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  1. Saltysailor138
    Saltysailor138 28 December 2022 03:55
    I hope he was Hispanic.