Toothless Aunt's Neck Pierced By A Huge Machete

 231         0

Man Down Shot By Cyclist Men

 215         1

2 Canadian Turists Shot At Mexican Resort

 396         0

After Hours, Police Lieutenant Shot In The Head

 237         0

Loser Thief. Russia

 311         0

After A Failed Robbery, The Robber Escaped With A Broken Leg

 266         0

Rapper Lil Reese Shot In Chicago

 647         2

A Nice Clean Execution

 269         0

Two Freaks Robbed And Beat A Drunk Man In The Entrance Of The House Russia

 279         0

The Caption To The Video Says That In Spain The Criminal Groups #menas And #bandaslatinas Do What They Want. Letting People Have Guns Is The Way To Stop Crime.

 361         1

The Man Tried To Hide From The Killer In The Store But He Did Not Have Enough Strength

 329         1

Motorcyclist Murder Robbery

 168         0

70 Year Old Pamphleteer Stabs Attacker

 431         0

Man And Teen Killed In Their Bed

 723         0

Man Shot To Death During An Argument In A Bar

 433         1

The Guy And The Girl Were Shot In The Car, The Guy Is Living Out His Last Minutes

 2 206         3

The Killer Killed His Victim In The Car

 611         0

Young Female Chased And Shot Dead By Hitman

 1 737         2

Three Men Were Shot In A Car

 339         0

The Robber Killed The Seller And Robbed The Store

 428         0