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Off Duty Butcher Shop Manager & Friend Attack and Kill a Man After Argument

Security video shows the beginning of a discussion and the attack that killed a street vendor in front of a butcher shop.

Police seek to clarify with witnesses what motivated the disagreement last Saturday night.
An employee, who witnessed the discussion that culminated in the attack and death of the street vendor W. de O. L, 40, told the Civil Police that he heard the victim say that the meat was very expensive and, therefore, not would buy anything.

This may have been the reason that triggered the disagreement. The victim was attacked by two men on the sidewalk of the establishment and ended up dying on Sunday night (3) due to serious head injuries.

The Civil Police released the videos that show the victim, wearing a gray shirt and a green bag, entering the butcher shop, going to the counter and talking to one of the attendants. He soon leaves and, at the door of the establishment, is stopped by the manager of the butcher shop, L.M, who is wearing a green vest. That day, L.M was off duty, had gone to participate in a get-together and, having forgotten a key, had gone to the shop with a friend, L.R., who appears in the images in striped clothes.

The recording shows that the victim and the manager talk for a while at the door of the establishment. In a statement, the manager says that he stopped the man to understand why he hadn't bought anything and if there was any problem in the service or in the quality of the products.

Next moment, the victim, who is holding a green bag, leaves the accessory on the floor and continues talking.

A third person, a butcher in a red T-shirt, appears at the door, trying to break up the discussion. The dialogue continues until L.R. leaving with the victim from the butcher shop, with a hand on his shoulder and takes him to the sidewalk.

There, they continue talking, under the eyes of the manager L.M, who is at the door of the Shopping plaza, until the latter also goes to the sidewalk and the fight starts, with shoving.

L.R. throws the first punch and, in the second, the victim loses his balance and lands on his back on the sidewalk, hitting his head. The manager tries to kick the victim in the head, but also loses his balance and stomps on the victim's head.

Other people come out of the butcher shop and try to help the victim. Listening to butcher employees and customers, the investigation tries to reconstruct how the discussion that preceded the attacks was:
“It seems like it was something so trite that no one memorized what the victim exactly said. He complained about something, but it was something so silly at the time that the other employees didn't react to it. Also they don't remember it, says a delegate.

To try more details on the content of the disagreement, the police will hear two more employees of the shopping plaza.

L.R. and L.M. were arrested on Saturday night, and are being investigated for murder, and the police are considering whether to hold them accountable as a futile motive.

The victim did not have any previous animosity with the butcher. He lived, a five-minute walk from the shop, which had been open for three months.

The victim owned a farm for six years in the region but the business failed during the covid pandemic. He also worked as a taxi driver and, finally, sold snacks made by his wife. He leaves behind a wife and three children, a 21-year-old girl and two boys, aged four years and two months.

His family is organizing a march to ask for justice for the seller's death.

The manager's Lawyer claims that at no time was there any intention to kill the victim. "It was a fight, an argument for which you don't know the real reason. My client was intoxicated. It's notorious, there's no way to say no. His walk on the tape demonstrates that. He can't even say why this argument took place."

The defense confirms that he wasn't working and wasn't in uniform and claims that because he was drunk, he asked the victim why he left the butcher shop without buying anything. "He doesn't even remember why he started arguing. What happened was a fatality and no one expects that a punch will kill a person. At no time is there the will to kill. It was an argument and a fight that, unfortunately, led to his death . And we're sorry for that," says the lawyer

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