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The Owner Of The Restaurant Shot The Robbers

Unknown assailants killed the owner of a flavor point chicken bite restaurant in D.R. at dawn yesterday in the middle of an attempted armed assault.
The victim is T. S. L, 47 years old. The murder occurred at a time when the merchant was preparing to close the establishment, leading to a confrontation of bullets.
He died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds in the abdominal area and right arm, with hemorrhagic shock, when he was transferred to a health center in the municipality.
The murder assault occurred when three individuals aboard a black Toyota, allegedly shot him to steal his belongings. He leaves two daughters.
Police have already identified the alleged perpetrator and activated his search

  1. WayHvacr 12 January 2022 05:34
    Pitiful. This is the sign of a lame ass civilization. One that has constant honking noises, and fucking SCOOTERS. DANGER Will Robinson, DANGER...
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