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Gang Members Beat To Death A Bandit Of A Rival Gang. India

There was a fierce fight between two groups in the fort of Chhattisgarh. During this, knife fighting also took place. Two people of one group died due to knife attack. While many people of the other group have suffered serious injuries. The dead include Suraj Chowdhary and Manoj Chowdhary. The police have arrested 15 people involved in the incident. The reason for the incident has not been disclosed yet.
The people involved in the incident are being identified in the CCTV footage. The incident is of hand-hunting in old Bhilai police station area. According to the information, there was a fierce fight between two groups stealing illegal junk in Hathkhoj Industrial area of ââBhilai police station area. Two people died in knife fighting during the fight. Among the dead, Manoj Chowdhary (34), resident of Indira Nagar Hathkhoj and Suraj Chowdhary (34), resident of Hathkhoj police station, Old Bhilai, were killed by people belonging to another group with sharp weapons and knives.
After the incident, all the accused fled from the spot. The police of Old Bhilai police station immediately reached the spot. Police has arrested 15 accused in this case. At the same time, the search is on for two absconding accused. Among the arrested accused, Hathkhoj, Khursipar and two accused are residents of Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh

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