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Woman Killed By Ex While She Was Taking Her Child To School


 A. A. d. C, 21, confessed defendant of femicide against E. B. d. C, 20, committed on Thursday morning (16), in Cuiabá, had already purchased a ticket to Pará, his hometown. Investigations already carried out by the Civil Police prove that the crime was already premeditated. The suspect knew the victim's routine and acted coldly, as he approached her at the time she was taking her son to school, in addition to planning the escape with a ticket bought to another state.
Absurd crime, barbaric, premeditated and calculating crime, even more so in these circumstances in front of the victim's 4-year-old son. Police investigations concluded that the killer had already purchased tickets to the state of Pará, his hometown, a few days ago, which everything indicates that he would flee. The relationship, which lasted an average of 1 year, was marked by troubled situations, as the victim was attacked and threatened. The last breakup took place 24 days ago and she was sleeping at a friend's house for fear of threats and persecution from him, who could not accept the end of the relationship.
During the testimony the murderer did not show any kind of regret, still trying to place the blame on the victim claiming that she had betrayed him. Insensitive, showing no regret, premeditated the crime and, like other feminicides, still tried to place the blame on the victim, his action caused irreparable damage to the life of a child who witnessed all the criminal action, Police pointed out.
He will answer for the crimes of major femicide, and could face 18 to 40 years in prison

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