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Mother And Daughter Shot Dead In The Bedroom Of Their Home

A double homicide was recorded in the city of Ibirataia around 4:30 am this Saturday (22). The case took place at Praça Agnelo Calixto, in the Mirassolzinho neighborhood, formerly the Red neighborhood.Armed men broke into a house and killed a mother and daughter, known as Benilde Pereira dos Santos, known as Nildes or Coroa, 47, and Aline Pereira dos Santos, 32. Nearby residents said they heard more than five gunshots.
According to information found at the site by the GIRO report, inside the house was a 13-year-old teenager who managed to hide under a bed. Her relationship with the victims was not reported.
No one knew whether the criminals were on a motorcycle or car. The Military Police were called in and isolated the crime area until the arrival of the Technical Police Department, which will carry out the expertise and remove the bodies for the IML

  1. GOODTRAINNIG 24 April 2023 02:48
    very cowardly.
  2. fuckeduuuuup 25 April 2023 09:28
    Shame the video stops before they do the second one. In the aftermath photo on herdeaths, they're obviously both dead.
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