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The Killer Disguised Himself As A Policeman And Killed Three People. Trinidad

 The latest incident took place this morning and up to 9am, police are still on the scene. The deceased in that report have been identified as 43-year-old A.K., his 18-year-old son K.K., and R.H., 26.
They were all related and resided along Mathura Street, Charlo Village, in Penal. Police were told that at about 4am the threee men were all asleep in their home, along with five other female relatives between the ages of 16 and 66, when they were awoken by a loud banging. The noise came from the front door. The family then heard someone saying 'police! open up!'. A.K. went to make checks, however, two masked men dressed in what appeared to be tactical wear resembling those worn by police officers forced their way into the home.
One of the men was even seen wearing a bulletproof vest with the marking 'police' strapped across the chest. The masked men went upstairs and gathered all three men. They told the women to stay upstairs and they ordered the men outside of the home. The women then heard a series of loud explosions, followed by what appeared to be Several loud explosions were heard shortly after. The relatives upon making checks found all three men lying face down in a pool of blood.
They all appeared to have been shot to the head. They were all unresponsive. The armed suspects were no where to be seen.
The relatives notified the police and paramedics and a team of officers from the South Western Division and the Homicide Bureau, led by Snr Sup Richard Smith have responded

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