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Shooting In Cambe, Parana State, Brazil

A man, 21, M.V.D.S.D invaded a school in Cambé (neighboring city of Londrina) in Paraná. He shot several times and killed two people, probably his ex-girlfriend, K.V.A and current bf. L.A.d.S. A kid recorded the moment he tried to enter one of the classrooms. The shooter was caught but was later found dead in his cell.
Death occurred around 12:00 am. The cellmate reported that he woke up and found the 21-year-old hanged. Rescuers and Samu's doctor were called, but they could only confirm the death. The cell was isolated until the arrival of the Scientific Police and, after expertise, the body was sent to the Legal Medical Institute (IML) of Londrina.
Despite the case being treated as a suicide, the Civil Police will open an inquiry to determine the death




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