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Subject Asks For A Soda And Kills A Winemaker

The leader of the Los Andes motorcycle taxi union, Patrocinio Casavilca Huachua (47), was shot twice to death by a hitman who came to his warehouse in Los Olivos, pretending to be a client.  It happened at 10:30 p.m.  on Wednesday and a local camera captured the heinous crime, as well as the face of the author of the shots. 
At that time, the subject with his face uncovered asked his victim for an iced drink.When Patrocinio Casavilca was going to deliver the product, he was shot in the face and shouldered.  The assassin ran towards the linear motorcycle where his accomplice with whom he escaped was waiting for him. 
The winemaker's son heard the shots and when he got out he saw his father lying on the ground.  He immediately called the firefighters who took Patrocinio to the Cayetano Heredia hospital, but he died on the way

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