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A Man Killed His Ex-Girlfriend And Killed Himself. Colombia

May 14, 2023
E.A.L., 26, the victim of the femicide registered around 5:00 in the afternoon, on Sunday, May 14, was identified at the Unicentro shopping center in Bogotá. According to the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá, the young woman was working inside the Jenos Pizza premises of that shopping center, where she was serving as deputy administrator, when C.C.R., 30, her ex-partner, approached her and started a heated argument. He later shot her in the head twice and ended his life.
The man, who is a Transmilenio worker, was wearing a jacket from the city's mass transportation system and a SAS Security Group card, and allegedly attempted suicide. However, according to the authorities, he still has vital signs.
The man was taken to a care center, where his medical report is reserved. According to preliminary information, the couple had ended their relationship for two months and they have a little girl. The killer can be seen in the top left of the screen in the first video


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