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Husband Shot His Wife In A Dream. Aftemath

The feminicide of C.V.d.S. (42), a resident of the city of Buriticupu, goes into statistics as another case of a woman who lived in an abusive relationship, suffering various types of violence from her husband, but who did not have the courage to report.
About a year ago, the victim wrote a letter, found soon after she was killed by her husband. In the letter, Cleuma reports the mistreatment and violence she suffered from her criminal husband.
In the "famed" letter, the victim reports. "If anything happens to me, I don't want my children to stay with their father. He's a very aggressive person."
The woman who feared for her own life, says between the lines. "He's a psychopath. It's been 17 years that I suffer physical, verbal and psychological aggressions at his hand, apart from the humiliations he does to me."
The criminal, identified as Claudeonor Oliveira Maciel, had a registered firearm, with which he took his wife's life, according to the police


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