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A Drunken Husband Brutally Beat And Cut His Wife. Sochi, Russia

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In Sochi, a husband brutally beat, cut up and lowered his wife from the stairs due to suspicions of infidelity A drunken man started a family squabble, suspecting infidelity. In the end, the inadequate person used force on his life partner and threw her out of the apartment.

Shocked neighbors called the police and an ambulance, although the victim refused medical help for a long time. The doctors who arrived at the scene of the incident had difficulty persuading the woman to examine her. The police are checking into the situation.

Category: Shocking
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  1. Pennywise
    Pennywise 18 October 2023 19:30
    All Russians are stupids.
    GOODTRAINNIG 25 June 2024 20:01
    So no to 90proof...all... pure spirits.