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57-Year-Old Former Policeman Shot Dead By Two Robbers In A Store

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A 57-year-old retired military police officer died after being shot in the head during an attempted robbery at a market in Vila Tatuí, in Tatuapé, in the east zone of São Paulo, on Monday night (20).

According to the Military Police, the victim identified as Paulo Eduardo Ramalho was rescued, but did not survive his injuries.

Two suspects were detained and a third managed to escape after the crime.

Retired since 2015, Paulo was shopping at the Oxxo store when two suspects, one of them armed, entered the market and announced the robbery.

The man was at the register when he was approached by the pair. According to information in the police report, a gold chain around the retired police officer's neck caught the attention of the criminals.

During the approach, the suspects reached around the victim's waist and located a weapon. And when they realized that Paulo was a police officer, they shot him in the head. In addition to the gun, the duo also took the PM's wallet and chain.

After the shooting, the suspects fled with a third party involved in a stolen silver vehicle. However, during patrol, police located the car. The driver was ordered to stop, but he did not comply, and a chase ensued.

The follow-up continued to the north of São Paulo, where the driver of the vehicle lost control and crashed the car.

One of the suspects, known as “Cabeleira”, managed to escape, while two criminals were detained. The prisoners were identified and are aged 19 and 24.

During the trio's escape on foot, Sub-Lieutenant Paulo's weapon was discarded on the road, but ended up being located and seized. The shooting was carried out by “Cabeleira”, who was carrying a pistol and managed to escape.

The case was registered as a completed robbery in the 53rd DP (Parque do Carmo).

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