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19-Year-Old Woman Died After Being Stabbed In The Neck. Chile

A 19-year-old girl died this Saturday in the capital commune of Cerrillos, after receiving a cut on the neck in the context of a fight between neighbors.

According to information from Carabineros, the incident occurred in the afternoon on Cardenal José María Caro Street, where a fight would have broken out.

"Around 5:30 p.m., a group of people entered a home, proceeding to attack the family group that was inside. They entered by forcing the door with blunt elements and sharp weapons," Colonel Gonzalo told the press. Urbina, from the Santiago Rinconada Prefecture.
He pointed out that "the owner of the house, as a result of this attack, for which the reasons are unknown, took a knife from one of the attackers who had entered his home, and when he proceeded within the fight to defend himself, he would have injured a woman, who was one of those who entered the home to attack him."

"The perpetrator of the events is fully identified, we have police personnel carrying out patrols in a large part of the commune and in neighboring communes in order to find his whereabouts," he added.

So far, the suspect has not been captured.

The injured woman was taken to Dr. Norman Voullieme's office where she died due to the severity of her injuries.

The Prosecutor's Office instructed personnel from the OS9 and Labocar de Carabineros.

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    Completely the green shirt guy's fault too lol
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    Deserved, basically.
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