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A 33-Year-Old Hair Salon Employee Died In Hospital After Being Shot In The Head. Argentina

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Another violent death shakes the Recoleta neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires: a strong argument inside a hair salon between two employees led to one taking out a gun and shooting his co-worker in the head. The 33-year-old victim died in the hospital, the 43-year-old murderer fled and police forces are still searching for him.

The homicide occurred on Wednesday afternoon in a hair salon named “Verdini” located at 3000 Beruti Street, almost on the corner with Austria. City Police officers went there after a call to 911 from a person who reported what had happened.

As LA NACION learned from police sources, once at the scene, the agents found the victim identified as Gabriel Medina with cardiorespiratory arrest. He was immediately transferred to the Fernández Hospital where, despite his efforts, he died. The young man had been working at the hair salon for a year as a colorist.

“The patient was in serious condition and we had transferred him with cardiorespiratory arrest. The maneuvers continued in Fernández's shock room trying to reverse the situation, but unfortunately he died,” explained the head of SAME, Alberto Crescenti, in television statements. In that sense, the doctor stressed that the severity of the wound - “a shot to the head” - left little chance of saving his life despite the efforts made.

The sequence would have started with an argument in the hair salon once the place closed to the public. There, as indicated to this medium, the victim, the perpetrator and three other people (a woman and two men) stayed “having drinks” until a strong argument occurred that led to the tragic end.

From one moment to the next, the attacker - who has not yet been arrested, but was identified as Luis Abel Guzmán, 43 years old - pulled out a firearm from among his clothes and shot Medina in the head. He subsequently fled the crime scene by escaping through the window. According to him, Guzmán had worked there for a decade as the right-hand man of the owner Facundo Verdini, the owner of the hair salon chain.

In the images captured by the hairdresser's security camera, it is seen that the victim was sitting in one of the hairdresser's chairs and resting on his desk when he was executed. Between him and the aggressor was a woman who decided to get up when the argument escalated. At that moment, Guzmán, with the gun in her hand, pointed it at him and a few seconds later he fired the shot. The power of the impact also caused the mirror on the wall behind Medina to break.

“We can't find an explanation”
With the Scientific Police already on the scene, the person who spoke about what happened was Cristian Benítez, the hair salon's lawyer. He speculated that based on what was seen in the images and what he spoke with Verdini, there could be “some type of animosity” between the victim and the attacker. “He used that moment to vent his anger,” he said in conversation with TN about the cause of the shooting.

“There are issues that are not understood no matter how much discussion there is... We cannot find an explanation,” he said. “You could say that there are tensions like in any workplace with problems, beyond the personal issues that he could be suffering from,” he said of Guzmán.

He also confirmed that the work day had already ended, that the five people seen on camera were “passing the time until they retired,” and that Medina was telling what had happened to him at a party he attended.”

On the other hand, he provided details that would help in the investigation. He said Abel escaped through a side window, but that he tried to flee through a closed exit door. Furthermore, that the two performed the same job as colorists: “It may be a matter of egos for fulfilling the same function. It was not known that he was carrying a gun. He was a withdrawn and lonely person but he cannot understand this situation.”

The investigation remained in the National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 48 in charge of Dr. Sánchez Sarmiento of the Secretariat No. 145 in charge of Dr. La Torre, who ordered proceedings for “homicide” and for the Police Brigade to intervene. Homicides.

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